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Beginner Training 

Geared towards teaching the proper fundamentals of the game: passing, each hand dribbling, ball-handling, defense, lay-ups and shooting. 

Intermediate Training 

Players that have mastered Phase 1 fundamentals and ready for more of a challenging workout at a faster pace.

Advance Training

Geared towards players that have mastered the fundamentals of the game.The skill set of this workout is very challenging and intense. It’s designed to motivate and prepare players that are looking to sharpen their skills to reach the next level. 

1 on 1

The focus here is on specific parts of the individual’s game based on their skill level. Shackleford Basketball also analyzes the individual’s current skill level and incorporates professional judgment on the areas within to strengthen one’s game. The confidence gained through this workout will also help the individual perform at a high level in a team setting.

Sharp Shooting

Focuses on correcting the shooting mechanics, techniques and improving percentages of the athlete. Sharp Shooting teaches how to train your body to make shots at a high percentages while fighting against the pressures and fatigue during live competitions.

Pro Workouts 

A dynamic workout designed for professional athletes. The primary goal is to maximize a player’s strengths while improving in areas of weakness. Sessions of analyzing game film along with statistics are great tools for a thorough assessment of the player’s needs. 

Camps & Clinics 

All day basketball camps during spring/summer, during school breaks in DC, MD, and VA. Age ranges for campers are 6-17 for both boys & girls. Camps are outstanding and fun! Campers will learn teamwork, basketball fundamentals, social skills, hard-work, discipline and dedication. Most importantly they will have fun in a safe, well structured environment. Three hour clinics are also offered, that are geared towards specific groups and skills. 

Strength and Conditioning 

Geared to the improvement of overall fitness level of the athlete. We identify the physical fitness level of the individual, then create plans to increase strength, agility, vertical, along with speed geared towards your sport. 


Are offered on and off season for all teams at all levels. Please contact us for further details and scheduling.