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7 Reasons Why Steph Curry should have quit basketball before the NBA!

  1. Out of Control at time

  2. Shot Selection

  3. Stuck between position 1 & 2

  4. Ability to Defend at Next Level is Questionable

  5. Limited upside Questionable

  6. Average Wingspan


    Can you believe these 7 things were actually written about Steph Curry before he ever played in the NBA! We all know Steph Curry is a beast right now in the NBA! All of these reasons were documented and given to him throughout his lifetime. What if he took all these words and comments to heart?  What if he believed them to be true? What if he believed in those comments more than he believed in himself? Where would he be today? Steph Curry kept moving , he kept training and perfecting his basketball skills. He never stopped doing what he knew he could do no matter what was said or written about him. He continued to train and make his basketball skills stronger.

More than likely in his off season time he trained and you should too!! There are no breaks in SUCCESS, you have to keep moving and striving to get better and better each day, each week, each month and each year! Take the negative scores and comments you may have received from previous coaches and do what Steph Curry did....KEEP MOVING, KEEP GOING just DON'T QUIT! Only you are the master of your fate, only you control your destiny to be successful in life.

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