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3 Tips to Improve Basketball Training Skills

basketball training skills

3 Tips to Improve the Mental side of Shooting Basketball Training Skills

Being a Great basketball player can change your life, every baller dreams of making it to the NBA or WNBA.  Basketball training skills require more than dreaming. The art of shooting leads to many roads you can take. When you are a great shooter you have a much better chance of making the basketball team, becoming the star ball player everyone is talking about, get a scholarship for college and eventually play professional basketball.

Here are 3 mental techniques that will help any player become a better ball handler and shooter


  1. Analysis Paralysis

People are always telling us to concentrate, relax, take deep breaths. We often hear phrases as ballplayers such as "Don't think too much" just shoot. But you truly are getting mixed signals. On one hand you are being told to relax,  stop thinking, but honestly when was the last time you remember your mind being completely blank?  Yeah me either!
So how do you learn to control your focus....FEEL YOUR BODY and TRUST YOUR FEELINGS... Yes that is it. Great ball players have a feel for what a good shot is. They know as soon as it leaves there finger tips whether is was a good shot or not. So what does this "FEEL" feel like exactly? Let's work on this drill so you can Perfect your feel...
 Stand around 8-10 feet from the basket and make a nothing but net shot with one hand. Repeat this step over and over again. Really focus on how the ball feels as it leaves your hand and off your fingers. As you begin to focus on this one specific thing, you will begin to recognize your footing, jumping and everything will align itself to give you the best opportunity to make that shot.
 Focusing on the feeling, will enable you to duplicate the feeling. Your subconscious mind will begin to search for the feeling and recreate it. As long as you focus on the feeling, your mind will begin to clear itself of fear and other thoughts...Remember the phrase "stop thinking" NOW IT MAKES SENSE...

2. Improve Your Basketball IQ

Basketball training skills requires basketball IQ. Which means to know how to get open for a shot, where to take a shot and when to take a shot. It also includes what type of shot to take and when not to shoot. Emotional IQ is equally important. Emotions regardless of what is going on must be controlled and contained during a basketball game. Your emotions effect your ability to adjust under pressure, so therefore it imperative you learn focus and control of your emotions.

3. Practice Practice Practice- Basketball training skills

Many players don't look at practice time as the time to truly perform. They feel it's game time that only matters. This is false, every time you practice you give the same effort you would during a game. Real performance each and every time. The best way to perform at peak levels is to practice performing at peak levels. This attitude will not only help you on the court but will also help you in life!

2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Improve Basketball Training Skills

  1. Terrell Chavis says:

    Thanks for this information it really helps!

    1. whatittakestraining says:

      Thanks so much! Working with the kids is great and knowing that it takes more than just physical endurance will help you all your goals!

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